Visit the Berlin Icebar: Polar Expedition

Hansa crushed by the iceIf braving the cold one time really isn’t enough we offer you the change to do it twice. After discovering everything that Amsterdam has to offer it is time to get to Berlin. We challenge you to go on an ice-cold European trip from Amsterdam to Berlin.

Explore the Berlin Icebar

The renovated Berlin Icebar is the biggest ice bar in Europe. There, you will become part of the crew of the Hansa, one of Germany's Polar Expedition exploration ships from 1869. You can meet your fellow crew members in the tavern for a complimentary drink, before the captain calls you to board the ship. Prepare yourself for freezing conditions as the ship is surrounded by pack ice. Once stuck in the ice, it's time to visit the icebar for another drink or two. You'll need them to stay warm in the Arctic cold!

Visit them all!

Are you ready for this cool adventure? We’ll see you soon in Berlin!

What are you waiting for? Your drinks are chilled and waiting!