Guests experiences

Whether you visit the Amsterdam Icebar with friends, family or on you own, our staff will look after you to make sure you have a memorable experience. Here are some thoughts from guests who visited us in the past.

Welcome to the Amsterdam IcebarSolo travellers

Bennel B called the Amsterdam Icebar "an amazing experience you should try".
"I booked this trip literally on the day and was able to secure my place. I did enjoy it so much, it was a different experience, the drinks oh my word were very tasty ... and generous for the price you pay. If you are in Amsterdam you should do this."

Isaac V celebrated his birthday at the Amsterdam Icebar: "From the beginning until the end everything was so perfect, they are really kind people, very friendly ice bar, amazing service."

Benn T had a "freezing but amazing" time at the Amsterdam Icebar.
"What an experience! The staff were extremely friendly and informative which made the experience better. I managed to last just under 20 minute but would recommend to anyone to do this!!"

David Marshall rated our staff as "very helpful and pleasant". "I booked online which was very easy and then turned up just prior to my allocated time. I have learning needs and I had not done anything like this before but enjoyed the staffs assistance and they looked after me even though I went in by myself. The guide was funny and helped me with the drinks. I would definitely go again."

Ice glassesWith family

Robyn Harper had a "unique and great experience". "My mom, sister, and I all visited the Ice bar and had a fantastic time! Not a bad price to buy tickets ahead of time, which assures your spot and three drinks. We were visiting Amsterdam from the US, and we’ve only seen one other kind of ice bar somewhere in Florida so it’s definitely worth it to go! Our bartender, Bas, was very friendly and made the whole thing even better. I would definitely recommend checking it out as it’s not something you can do almost anywhere else."

Kerrie W rated the Icebar as a pure "bit of fun". "The ICEBAR is exactly that - an ICEBAR where you experience cold temperatures whilst drinking out of real ice glasses! It’s all a bit of fun and my teenage son who is now old enough to drink thoroughly enjoyed his ice beers! We weren’t hurried out after our time slot and the staff all tried to make it a fun experience! To be experienced for fun - nothing deep and meaningful about it!"

KirstinB came for the "sailor-themed fun". "Our family loved this Ice Bar experience, completely different from other ice bars we’ve seen minus the ice and cold. The nautical theme, drink coins, clever details, generous drinks, and friendly employees make it truly memorable. Boris was our favourite greeter and bartender. He was a hoot! We laughed, danced, and had a blast until the frost settled into our bones. The professional photographs were a nice touch. We chose one to buy, even though we took plenty of our own. Guests have limited time in the ice, of course, but not the big lounge area. Fun for all over 18, but definitely not for kids."

With Friends

Wojtek can tell you that the Amsterdam Icebar is "definitely worth it". "Came here with four of my friends had an amazing time, the ice bar itself was a very unique experience and the drinks in the actual bar were both really good and cheap."

Lizzie M had a "Fab experience". "When it was our turn we were greeted very enthusiastically, and given a coat and gloves to wear inside (both were clean)!
When first entering the Icebar the temperature doesn't feel too bad, obviously it's cold, but not too extreme. We got our drinks in cups made of ice and then had plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy our drinks!
Once finished with our two drinks (we were not rushed at all) we left the Icebar, as by that point you really feel the cold! My hands especially were freezing! And also my feet were really cold but I did only have Converse on!
We were then invited to relax for a little longer in the main bar before we made our way back to the hotel!
It was an amazing experience, has brilliant, enthusiastic staff and is a definite must-do in Amsterdam!"

Liv's visit to Amsterdam was "made memorable" with a visit to the Icebar. "Huge thanks to the incredible staff, who treat their customers like friends, such a comfortable environment makes the icy environment more memorable, I couldn’t credit them more, definitely worth the money, your Amsterdam visit wouldn’t be made without the ice bar."

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