Visit one of the best bars in Amsterdam

What is so unique about the Amsterdam Icebar you ask? Well, there are a couple of reasons, but here is the first one. The Amsterdam Icebar is entirely made out of ice. Even your drinking glass, the sculptures and the walls inside of the Amsterdam Icebar. Another reason why this bar is so unique is the fact that it is the only ice bar in the Netherlands. Book your tickets for one of the best bars in Amsterdam today!

Amsterdam Icebar has earned its place as one of the best bars in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Icebar is an experience you will never forget, but there is a little bonus that makes it even better! There are three free drinks included in the entry price, which makes it an excellent value for your money and it also makes Amsterdam Icebar one of the best bars in Amsterdam. Upon arrival, you will receive three tokens, one golden token, and two silver ones. The golden token can be exchanged in the ‘heated’ lounge bar in the front of the Amsterdam Icebar, and the two silver ones can be exchanged in the actual ice bar in the back. You can find an overview of the available drinks here.

In the Amsterdam Icebar, you’ll experience to be stranded on the North Pole

The Amsterdam Icebar recreates the experience of Nova Zembla. This is where the Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz and his crew got stranded in 1596. Step aboard Willem Barentsz ship and go on an arctic adventure in the ice bar. Feel what it’s like to sit in the cold and keep warm by drinking two alcoholic beverages, like our special selection of flavoured vodka. Try the whipped cream vodka for example or the nuts & nougat vodka, which according to the rumours tastes like Nutella. Luckily you’ll be presented with a warm coat and gloves to help keep you warm when you enter the Amsterdam Icebar. Tickets can be booked directly through our website at a low price. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to one of the best bars in Amsterdam here.

So what are you waiting for? Your drinks are already chilled!