Enjoy 3 free drinks at Amsterdam Icebar

Your Amsterdam Icebar ticket includes three free drinks. When you enter the bar, you will get three tokens which you can exchange for drinks at the bars. One, golden token can be used in the front part of the bar, the ‘warm’ lounge bar. The other two, silver tokens can be used in the actual ice bar itself.

What will you choose?

The front bar of the Amsterdam Icebar, where you enter, is nice and warm. Here you can spend your first token on a free drink. There are plenty of options to choose from. A large Heineken beer is available for all the beer lovers and white wine for all the wine drinkers.

Or if you want to go for something more festive, the bartender can make a cocktail for you! The cocktail menu consists of five different kinds of cocktails. We haven't forgotten about the non-alcohol drinkers, with both soft drinks virgin cocktails on the menu. You can find the full menu for the front bar here.

A strong drink will keep you warm

To keep you warm you’ll receive a coat and gloves before you enter the ice bar, but there are more ways than that to keep warm when you are surrounded by ice sculptures. One strong drink can be helpful, two will certainly do the trick. The drinks in the icebar are all served in glasses made of ice, so the gloves will come in handy here.

You can opt for an Xtracold Heineken beer, this beer from the famous Dutch brewery is served extra cold, which will only add to the experience. Or you can decide on a shot of strong liquor, the Amsterdam Icebar has a special selection of flavoured vodkas for you to choose from. If you don’t drink alcohol, then the ice bar has orange juice, some extra vitamin D can't hurt in the cold. Go here for all your options in the Icebar.

Ready for more?

Have you finished your free drinks in the Icebar but would like something more to drink? You can always buy extra refreshments in the front bar. Think you will want to learn more about the drinks you’ve can have at the Amsterdam Icebar? Combine your visit with a trip to the Heineken Experience to learn about its world famous beer, one of the best parts of the tour through the old brewery is that it includes two free beers.

Or are you more interested to learn about cocktails and their history? Go to the House of Bols where you can discover the history of Bols liquor and make your own cocktail. Order your tickets from us to receive a discount!

What are you waiting for? Your drinks are chilled and waiting!

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